The Awksome Git Graph Generator
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Alex Palaistras 6da6d8c20f Add command-line parsing for user configuration
This commit adds basic command-line parsing facilities for Grawkit, in
allowing for user-defined configuration values; a large number of
previously hard-coded values have now been exposed as command-line
options, allowing for greater variability in use.

Fixes: #12
2 months ago
play play: Update Go module path 7 months ago
tests Render paths to end of time for branches with no final merges 4 years ago
.editorconfig First version of Grawkit, with simple single-branch test 7 years ago
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Makefile Make Grawkit POSIX-compatible, remove `gawk`-specific extensions 4 years ago Make Grawkit POSIX-compatible, remove `gawk`-specific extensions 4 years ago
grawkit Add command-line parsing for user configuration 2 months ago

Grawkit - The Awksome Git Graph Generator MIT License

Grawkit is a tool that helps build SVG graphs from git command-line descriptions, and is built in Awk.

This tool was created in support of the "Orthogonal Git Workflow" post. Yes, this took way longer to write than the post itself.

Testing & Documentation

A Makefile is provided for running tests and producing documentation for Grawkit. Run make help in the project root for more information.

A full test-suite is provided (depending only on make and awk), which should serve as a good example of the existing feature-set. Run it with make test.


Copy the included grawkit AWK script into your local search path (most commonly $HOME/.local/bin), or just use it directly in this folder. Grawkit should work with most POSIX-compatible AWK implementations, and has been tested against gawk, nawk, busybox awk, and goawk.

Status & Usage

Grawkit has basic support for common git commands such as git branch, git tag and git merge, allowing for fairly complex graphs. The integrated test-suite serves as an example, check the tests folder for more.

In order to use this tool, either run the grawkit executable against a file containing supported git commands (any command not recognized will be silently ignored), or pass these in standard input. For instance, given the following file test.txt:

git commit -m "Commit on master"
git commit -m "More stuff"

git branch test-stuff
git checkout test-stuff

git commit -m 'Testing stuff'
git commit

git checkout master
git commit

You can execute either:

cat test.txt | grawkit
# or
grawkit test.txt

Which will produce SVG markup to standard output, rendered as:


All code in this repository is covered by the terms of the MIT License, the full text of which can be found in the LICENSE file.